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Our Philosophy


When we share our life with a dog, we start with a vision of what that life will look like – long walks in the woods, games of fetch or Frisbee, road trips and holidays with your furry companion, or quiet evenings by the fireplace. Yes, you knew it was going to be a responsibility too. You planned for all the accessories, shopping for a food dish, water bowl, leash and collar, dog bed, etc. You knew that there would be food costs, licensing fees, vaccinations and other vet bills too.

But if you’re reading this, then no doubt that pleasure has been tempered by moments of frustration and confusion. All dogs come to us needing training. Pure and simple, none of us are born with that knowledge. And no dog automatically knows the rules of your home. Therefore it just makes sense to get help of one form or another. We recommend group classes that are great for socialization and learning basic obedience skills. Also there are some that offer much more advanced training enabling your dog to really reach his full potential.

Sometimes the skills he learns in class don’t apply to his behaviour at home. FURRY LOGIC Home Dog Training focuses on teaching your dog to be a good family member. That means we help you to help him become a respectful and obedient companion and neighbour but at the same time we respect all his qualities as a dog.

Part of what we do is engage you in a fun learning experience while we educate you and your dog. You gain a new respect for your dog and he for you. Through this good-natured educational process we build upon the bond you already have with your dog.  We also provide you with coaching because educating your dog is life-long. You’ll learn that it is in a dog’s nature to test to see if you are up to the canine challenge.

Most of our customers experience a complete paradigm shift in their dog knowledge and view of canine companionship. And because the initial process works so quickly, you see a marked improvement in your dog’s behaviour, usually in the first lesson. Often our customers proudly tell us that their friends and relatives don’t recognize their “new” dog. They have even called us their Super Nanny for their dogs!

We’ve seen it all. We’ve trained over 2,100 dogs and as a result well over 5,000 individual family members.  Problems we’ve dealt with have ranged from the simply annoying to life-threatening for the dog. Because we have lived our own “interesting” life, we have seen and are adaptable to all kinds of home situations.

We support Calgary Animal Services enlightened stance on Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). No dog should be discriminated against because of its breed. France is a prime example of how incidents associated with aggressive behaviour have not changed with BSL.  We also enthusiastically support  Calgary Animal Services’ 4 Steps to Responsible Pet Ownership.

1. Provide a license and permanent ID on your pet.

2. Spay and neuter (unless you are a qualified breeder).

3. Provide the proper training, socialization, medical care, diet, exercise and grooming to keep your companion  happy  and comfortable.

4. Don’t let your pet become a threat or a nuisance in the community.

To that end, we embrace the goal of reducing the number of dogs who are a threat or nuisance to their family or to their community through education and good training.

We are here to help you and in the end, make your life with your dog more like the wonderful vision you had when you first thought about bringing a dog into your life.

Wondering if Furry Logic can help you resolve your dog's behaviour? Contact us to find the right solution for your dog.