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What We Treat

Here is a list of just a few of the commonly seen canine behaviours to show what we treat.  These behaviours are treatable with our All-inclusive Dog Training Package as well as our Level II Package:

House Training

No matter whether your dog is a puppy or a mature canine, we'll give you step-by-step advice on how to resolve this quickly. It's never too late to house train a dog!

Uncontrollable Barking

Barking is a symptom that cannot be treated with bark collars or other mechanical means. Call us before your dog becomes the neighbourhood nuisance.


Large or small, all dogs can be taught to keep four on the floor.

Anxious / Destructive Behaviour

Stress behaviours such as separation anxiety where your dog barks, whines or destroys things while you are away can all be treated.

All Types of Aggression

Dog aggression, people aggression, owner aggression, fence or leash aggression and resource protectiveness can all be treated with our training.

Basic Obedience

Sit, Stay, Come are all important commands in your dog's vocabulary. Recall is the ability to call your dog to you under any circumstance. Leash walking is important too. We teach you how to do it all.

Leash Pulling

If you're annoyed, embarrassed or worse by your dog's behaviour on leash, we can show you leash training techniques to make walking your dog a pleasurable experience.

Crate Training

A crate or kennel is a wonderful tool for house training a puppy. It also provides a safe place for your adult dog or puppy to find refuge when he is stressed by his surroundings or just needs his own room to sleep.

Puppy Training

Our training is ideal if this is your 1st puppy or even if it's been awhile since you had one. We teach you everything from the ground up including crate training, how to deal with mouthing, nipping and biting, good doggie etiquette at the front door and how to walk on leash.

Wondering if Furry Logic can help you resolve your dog's behaviour? Contact us to find the right solution for your dog.