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FURRY LOGIC is the intelligent way to train your dog.

Within the first lesson our clients see positive results where most behaviours, like excessive barking, jumping and selective obedience are resolved. We are experts in handling more serious dog behaviours like aggression, separation anxiety and destructive behaviour. We use positive and assertive educational techniques that are completely customized to your dog’s temperament and environment.

Once we have established that our service is a good match for you, we set up a first appointment with the entire family where we evaluate your dog’s temperament, list all the problems you are facing and plan a customized path to follow together.

You deserve the best results possible. To accomplish this, you’ll need to set aside 2 1/2 to 3 hours for an enjoyable and enlightening experience. This is needed to give you the results you seek. Most of our clients experience a huge adjustment in their understanding of their own dog during the first lesson.

We are dedicated to providing you with some of the best expert dog training and behaviour therapy our 10 years of international experience can provide. We believe in respecting our clients, both human and canine and we will work hard to earn your respect as well.

Most of our customers will experience a paradigm shift in their dog knowledge and philosophy during the first lesson. We believe in respecting the dog and its owner and we will work hard to earn your respect as well.

All of our training packages include the following:

  • Comprehensive questionnaire to uncover all existing issues.
  • Temperament evaluation of your dog.
  • We explain how dogs communicate with each other and help you understand what your dog is saying to you.
  • We customize a training program and focus on your most pressing issues.
  • Significant progress is achieved during the first lesson which lasts approximately 3 hours.
  • A second follow-up session is booked right at the end of the first lesson
  • A third follow-up session is booked at your discretion within the year.
  • All our packages include email and phone support for the duration of the one year contract (two years if the Level II plan is selected).
  • No additional costs for additional dogs within the same residence.
  • You also get written customized exercises to help you maintain permanent results.
  • We are available weekends and weekdays to fit your busy schedule.
All-Inclusive Package

You receive 3 personalised in-home dog training and behaviour therapy lessons (6 to 10 hours of training) and unlimited email and phone support for one year. This is the most commonly selected plan for most dog owners. We do offer additional training lessons if they are needed at a later date as well.

Level II Package

You receive the All-Inclusive Package plus 2 more in-home dog training and behaviour therapy lessons (10 to 14 hours of training) and 2 years of unlimited email and phone support. This package is perfect for people who would like longer term support; e.g. for their new puppy, dogs with more serious behaviours or a multi-dog family.

  • All-Inclusive Plan
    • 3 In House Behavioural Therapy Lessons
    • 1 Year Unlimited E-mail / Phone Support
    • 6-10 Hours of Personal Training
    • No Additional Cost For Multiple Dogs In Same Home
  • Level II
    • 5 In House Behaviour Therapy Lessons
    • 2 Years Unlimited E-mail / Phone Support
    • 10 to 14 Hours of Personal Training
    • No Additional Cost For Multiple Dogs In Same Home

We accept cash, interact, debit, cheque, Visa and Mastercard. Please call us today and discover your dog’s full potential as the companion that he was truly meant to be.

* Weekday Sale cannot be combined with any other offers. Sale may end without notice.

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